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      We have had people who have been to many famous hospitals and pain clinics, and have spent over $30,000 and still had pain. Pain is actually your friend…it tells you when to pull your hand away from a flame, it tells you that you have a problem and to see a doctor. After you’ve been the medical route, and you know what the pain is trying to tell you, you don’t need the pain any longer.
Have you heard of Phantom Pain? People have complained that their toes or there foot hurts and are taking strong medication for the pain after there toes or foot have been removed, some for over 10 years. The mind recorded the toes and the foot, and remembers. It’s a psycho-somatic pain that hurts just as much as real physical pain. My sessions take you back to the original accident or cause of the pain, and remove the memory from the mind and the pain disappears.


I had a doctor of Psychology come to me, she’s had headache pain all of her life, and it hurt on both sides of the forehead. My pre-recorded sessions mentally brought her back to birth; she experienced severe pain when the doctor took her from the womb with forceps at birth. After listening to the sessions for a few weeks, she never had headache pain again.


One lady had headaches most of her life, her father had headaches and when she was a little girl she would rub her father’s forehead. She’d been to many doctors for years, no one could help her. She came here for weight-loss and I work on the “whole mind concept” covering all areas. Much to her amazement, the headaches disappeared and never came back. The love for her father, watching him suffer, and the hurt he felt, she was feeling in her adult life. The sessions removed the headaches from her mind, never to return again.


If you’ve had an accident or an operation, it’s only natural that you’re going to hurt for awhile. What it means, is that your body is going through a healing process, but if it continues after a year, doctors will tell you that it’s a pinched nerve, and prescribe medications. In my opinion, your mind recorded the accident or operation, and the Pain Record is playing over and over again. Let’s break that record, and put a new pain-free program in your mind.


One lady broke her foot around Christmas time and was in a cast using crutches. She was a friend of the family’s, and I went to visit her just before Christmas the next year and she was on crutches. I said to her, “what happened?” She said, “I broke my ankle a year ago, about this same time last year. I woke up the other day and my ankle was swollen and hurting. I couldn’t walk without the crutch.” I had her close her eyes, I put her into meditation, an with in an hour the swelling went down and she was able to walk with out the crutch. The memory of injuries, or painful experiences are recorded in God’s Computer (your mind), and play over and over again like a CD. With my program, we can deprogram you, and break that cycle.


     HOW POWERFUL IS YOUR MIND? It can make you sick, it can make you well. Happy people are not as accident prone and don’t get sick as often as unhappy people.


Fill out an evaluation so that we can find out what your needs are, and we can customize a program to pin-point the areas that you need help in.

Sam Meranto’s All Faith Self Help Center
Weight Loss with Sam Meranto

– Sam Meranto




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